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The following sections  form the basis on which I undertake photographic assignments and commissions for commercial, public relations and editorial  photography. They are intended as a background document to which specific or varied terms  can be added or amended. For you as client and myself as photographer one of the most important pieces of legislation that affects our relationship is the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988.
 Without getting too detailed I have listed below the main points that will affect any contract . If you are unsure about any of the terms & conditions and how it would affect you as a client  I am always happy to discuss and explain further.
Under UK law  the copyright of any photograph belongs to its creator. Unless agreed in advance and in writing I do not assign copyright of any works to any clients or third parties. If copyright purchase is agreed it will cost a lot more than buying the most expensive and wide ranging licence.
As the client you are granted a licence  to reproduce the photographs supplied to you. The cost of this licence may be negotiated according to your needs and budget and typically will cover usage in various media, distribution and geographical limits. Use of an image outside the agreed terms of the licence  would constitute a breach of copyright. Should your needs as a client change then I am happy to negotiate an extension to the licence.
Photography is a creative activity and as the client you are buying my skills and trust me to apply those skills in accordance with your brief. Therefore it is important that we discuss beforehand what is required, any ‘must have’ shots or corporate style guides for instance. Occasionally events do not always go to plan, however I will always try and get the best alternative shot that I can. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that any persons photographed in a non-public place have given their consent to be photographed and made aware of where the photographs are to be used. I am happy to assist in getting consent forms signed on the day, but please bear in mind this may increase the time taken to complete the assignment.
Delivery of photographs
As part of the commission we shall  agree how the images are to be delivered and the deadline. My options include supplying JPG or TIFF files via Dropbox link or Wetransfer, FTP transfer, email ( for small numbers of files) or by DVD in the post. For any specific file types/quality/colour spaces please make sure to talk to me first.  If prints are required then these can be uploaded to my web gallery and ordered separately at extra cost in various sizes and quantities  as required. I do not supply camera RAW files.
Insurances , Safety & Liablilty
Glenn Phillips Photography Services has public liability insurance up to £2million.Should any further specialist insurance be required then the cost will added to the final invoice.
Any mains electrical equipment used eg. studio lights, will be PAT tested.
I have and will use Personal Protective Equipment suitable for construction sites, industrial premises etc, I may refuse assignments where I consider risk of  injury or damage to persons & equipment is too great or would not be covered by my own insurance.
As a professional photographer I take pride and care in my work and with the relationship I have with clients and the subjects of my photography. I cannot be liable however for unexpected events including; poor weather, industrial disputes, sickness or injury, equipment malfunction, model release disputes, property release disputes and other actions or accidents outside my control and that cannot be reasonably predicted.
Invoicing , Payment , Cancellations
Fees and costs will be negotiated and agreed before the assignment. Should requirements change then these should be notified as soon as possible. If changes occur on the day then the agreed fee may be varied.
 If the client postpones or cancels the commission within 5 working days of the agreed date I reserve the right to charge 50% of the agreed fee. If cancellation occurs within 24hrs of the assignment start time then 100% of the fee is payable.  
On completion  of the assignment an invoice will be sent detailing payment terms and methods. Licence to use the photographs supplied is granted once payment has been made. Late payment may be subject to charges and interest and will also incur liability for breach of copyright.