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What this country needs is another H bomb

May 4, 2017


Ok,before all those of you who are anti-nuclear  heap comments upon me,let me explain.

Last night I watched an excellent series of documentaries on BBC4 about how Britain developed it's own nuclear bomb and power stations after the war.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08nz0xh 


-Yes I know it's sad but I'm afraid I'm a bit of a science and history nerd :) -


Whether or not you disagree with the need for nukes, what impressed me is how this country pulled together its top talent together to successfully complete a huge and nationally important project in a relatively short space of time.

The economic spin off from this must have been enormous given the scale and complexity of the task. 

There have been other impressive projects in the past as well, such as Concorde, building houses after WWII, new motorways, the Severn and Humber bridges and the Channel Tunnel.


It seems to me at the moment,that this country is standing still, worrying about Brexit, unwilling to take risks or spend any money on anything. It's not as if there aren't things that need doing... the high speed rail link for instance - currently mired in planning consents, consultations and budget worries.

The Severn barrage idea to provide tidal power, stuck in a no mans land of red tape and eco reports, the relatively simple Stonehenge tunnel .

We can't even string up a few power lines all the  way along the West country rail route.


 I wonder what I K Brunel would have made of today's Britain. 'Oooh sorry mate,can't put your tunnel there, might cause an earthquake in Chippenham " , "Have your foreign navvies got work permits?", "You sure about that bridge?..looks a bit unsafe to me"


Whichever party gets in at June's election it's time to stop worrying about Brexit to the exclusion of everything else and start building some of the things this country needs .Suggestions welcome, I'll forward them on to whoever my next MP will be.

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