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Celebrating first year in business!

June 30, 2016



A year ago today I had my own version of Brexit, this could have been called Trexit or Wiltshire Times Redundancy Exit. Although painful at the time, as well as a bit of a strange birthday present - turned 52 the day before but no card with the redundo cheque - I made the decision to carry on as a photographer in my own business and I'm glad to say that things seem to be working out . I shall be breaking out the Jaffa Cakes on Thursday.


Whilst I'm not planning to emigrate to a tax haven - Jersey or Monaco would do for me - I was pleasantly surprised to find that people will pay money for my services. Won't pretend it hasn't been a little stressful  at times but the satisfaction of learning new business skills, thinking of new ways to make money and invoices getting paid has been very enjoyable.It's also been quite fun purchasing things for the business though I do have to rein in the urge to splurge out on exotic lenses for sale on eBay and satisfy myself with buying stationery instead. My kids nick all my business pens and drain the printer cartridges dry if I turn my back.


 A big thank-you  to all my customers, in particular Newsquest Oxfordshire & Wilts, who have given me regular work, Andrew Gould of PR Works for being the first paying client  and Charles Whitton Event Photography for his commissions , business advice and acerbic humour. Also invaluable skills and advice from my accountant Kevin Read of Innervision. Accounting Solutions and David Baker of Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce not forgetting Denise O'Leary of Purpol Marketing  who has kept me supplied with free pens this year!  Plus a special mention to my lovely wife Alison for all her support this year.


So what's next? I will continue to invest in the business. Just purchased a cracking new Nikon D750 that will improve picture file quality as well as send photos over wifi- useful if anyone needs high quality live blogging or tweeting from an event and also gives me the option to shoot video.

I am always looking for new customers, particularly local to Wiltshire and I need to develop my portrait and photobooth services further.Will be looking at pop-up studio idea. If profits look good I'm looking to purchase a pro quality dye-sub printer for on site photo prints.


That's the plan for me...here's hoping that Boris, Nigel et al have got a plan for getting out of Europe and that it's not all spin. Still can't quite believe that the country has been daft enough to come out of the EU. It's going to be a very interesting year ahead for us all.



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