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Staying focussed

June 7, 2016

Focus is obviously very important for a photographer, no use in supplying fuzzy pictures to clients, so I have a range of quality lenses, expensive kit and 30 plus years of experience to deliver sharp results.

I’m really talking about keeping focused on my business though.


Lately I have been lucky enough to have been busy on a range of commissions and of course these tasks must come first. It does however mean that other important aspects of the business have had to take a back seat. Promotions and marketing, planning future events and coming up with new ideas.


If I neglect these aspects then work is likely to dry up and I’m not going to attract any new clients. It really is a juggling act, finding time when you’re busy to keep up with this backroom stuff, and I’m only a one man band.


 I was lucky enough to visit Fussels Fine foods in Somerset recently. Andy Fussell is a farmer who has diversified into supplying retail food products. Not only only does he run his farm, he is expanding his production facility- on a massive scale, developing a kitchen classroom and demonstration area, promoting his product at shows and events and still manages to find time to talk to a journalist. He didn’t appear in the least bit stressed by all this though.


 His passion for his products shone through and I reckon this is what keeps him going, as well as a team of loyal and hardworking staff.


Passion aside, and I still love what I do for a living, I’m going to have to love my desktop planner more, write lists of things to do, keep up with the phone calls and emails and not be tempted to sneak off for a coffee and a fag, outside in the sun.


Any tips  to stay focussed would be welcome!

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