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Not just chocolate bars getting smaller these days...

February 24, 2016



Cast your mind back to 1973 ... if you're old enough, if not you'll have to take my word for it.

Britain has just joined the Common Market, there are evening power cuts and Slade are playing on the radio. I am at Heston swimming baths enjoying my favourite post swim treat of a mug  of Bovril and a Waggon Wheel . Ah yes Waggon Wheels...


I'm still very fond of these but am left scratching my head as to how they've decreased in size over the years. The manufacturers - Burtons - deny this has happened and claim that consumers hands have grown bigger over the years. This could of course be true but people always like a good conspiracy theory.

Putting Waggon Wheels aside for a moment ,Britain joined the Common Market in 1973 and the majority of folk ( not least the Conservative party) - confirmed with a referendum a couple of years later - thought this a Very Good Thing. What has changed people's minds so much that it seems to me very likely the great British public are going to vote to exit the EU this summer?


 Yes the EU costs money but I suspect we get far more out of it than we pay in. How does EU legislation on issues such as working hours, human rights, straighter bananas et al NOT benefit us in the UK? Maybe the UK would still secretly like to send its children up chimneys to sweep them, have us all working 25 hours a day until we are 70 something and eating inferior shaped fruit. Also if we come out of the EU there will be a devastating impact on agriculture. Without EU subsidies, many of Britain's smaller farmers will have to face facts that without the economies of scale there is no future for them. England may not therefore be a green and pleasant land for much longer.


Maybe UK people's minds have become small  and ungenerous over the years.Not unlike the aforementioned Waggon Wheels. I can't say i'm surprised. we are subjected to constant xenophobic propaganda from an increasingly desparate and irrelevant popular press,not to mention various self serving politicians. We seem to be jealous that other countries in the EU seem to enjoy a better lifestyle than us and as a nation seem to want to stop other countries and nationalities wanting to aspire to the same for their citizens.There is nothing at the moment - apart from language- stopping any of us moving to anywhere in Europe to enjoy their benefits.


I hope that people will think long and hard before voting and not just sleepwalk their way out of




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