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Maybe somewhere there are retro accountants using abacuses ….

December 22, 2015

It’s been a while since I posted anything so I thought I’d get something down before the year is gone and I get out of the habit of writing. As far as this year goes, it’s been interesting for me to say the least. I started off as employed, a habit which dies hard after 33 years and ended up self-employed with all the uncertainties that entails. Fortunately, somebody up above must like me and I’ve managed to continue as a freelance photographer without having to get a ‘proper job’!  Many thanks to all my customers for having faith and keeping the work coming for me.

I don’t know what proper job I might have had to get otherwise. My late grandad, a chartered accountant, tried to persuade me to join that profession but to be honest I hated maths – failed it  at A- Level and look where I ended up J - and I never fancied a purely office job. Now though I must admit to a certain fascination with spreadsheets and watching numbers jump about. Perhaps he had it right and I could have made it as a bean counter. However I think I was probably destined to be a photographer, something I have done since the age of seven when I borrowed my mum’s Kodak Brownie 44B and took photos on a school trip to Hampton Court. Somewhere up in the attic is my first ever photo of the clock tower there. Later on as a teenager I turned the downstairs loo into a darkroom and processed colour film and prints, skipping the black & white learning curve. I caught up with that at college. I wish digital photography had been around then, it would have saved me a lot of pocket money spent on film, chemicals and photo paper, but the photographic journey would probably not have been as interesting. Nowadays I’m still learning. In this job you constantly pick up ideas, develop your own techniques and work out how to achieve solutions to problems.

Digital photography is now a mainstay of my profession but there is still room for exploring techniques with film, papers and chemicals with a thriving ‘retro’ community online keeping old skills alive. Maybe somewhere there are retro accountants using abacuses  (abaci ?)

I thought I would post a few of my favourite photos this year to round things off. They are a mixture of my own personal photos and work photos. Hope you enjoy them. Have a good Christmas and a prosperous New Year.



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