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Snapper eaten by giant killer mosquitoes in holiday hellhole?

August 11, 2015





Actually I'm on what's probably now termed 'workation'. That is,I should be on holiday but have to keep popping back to the computer to check emails, write blog posts , keep working on my business plan - yes its 2/3rds done - and pop out on the occasional photographic job.

Working from home has it's advantages,the coffee's better for one thing,but also full of distractions, particularly when the kids are home and now joined for two weeks by my wife Alison.

This would be fine if we were away being eaten in hot climes by the aforementioned giant killer mosquitoes.Unfortunately at home there are a succession of other 'little jobs' that require my input and which I've successfully been avoiding for months like tidying the shed, sorting out the drawer full of mystery keys, demolishing the redundant chicken run taking stuff to the recycling centre, sorting out the techie glitches on various of the kid's computers, phones etc.

You may remember the scene in the movie 'The Shining' where Jack Nicholson is trying to write his latest novel and keeps getting interrupted by his well meaning family. It's a bit like that here, but I've not gone anywhere near the cutlery drawer yet!

We did manage to get away for a weekend in Blackburn - don't laugh, it's not that grim oop North. Fortunately we didn't have to boil the tap water either.There is at the moment a contaminated supply in Preston and half of Lancashire but Blackburn's OK, as our good friends Nick & Lyn were at pains to make clear, On Sunday we went to nearby Samlesbury Hall, reputedly one of the most haunted places in Britain and with links to Pendle Witch trials,Catholic martyrs and the American War of Independence. All good stuff and entertainingly described by our guide. Free entry and well worth a visit.







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