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Curse my computer.@##!!

July 2, 2015

Not a brilliant start to the day coaxing my reluctant laptop to connect to th'interweb properly so i could get on with online bank application. Suitably threatened and rebooted it decides to play ball, only then i've got to take no 2 daughter to Salisbury for interview for NHS placement. She got it... hooray, back down to Trowbridge, grab celebration lunch at McDs- (sponsorship opportunity here Ronald M !) and then hit Lidls and Sainsbugs with no 1 daughter doing the driving- i only shouted once, honestly.

Back to computer for rest of day to wrestle with application. Going fine until I discover I have to do crash course in Accounting speak to fill in the projected turnover, predicted profits  and revenue section. Made it up as best I could on back of fag packet. I just want to open an account, i'll worry about the detail later, I'll bet Branson and Lord Sugar didn't worry too much when they started out.

Anyway after tea, had the first business nibble from my website, so t'interweb thing does work.Get the feeling this business thing could be a bit like fishing, Chuck out as much groundbait ( publicity) as you can, sit and wait, watch for a twitch and then hopefully get a customer on the hook. To take the analogy further when you've caught one don't bang the customers on the head to eat later- as in trout fishing. Treat them well and return them gently to the water, as in coarse fishing, then you can catch them again.

Thats all for tonite. Please RT if u like.

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